York Cancels Delgaudio Meeting; Risks Credibility

Just three hours ago, the LCDC issued a statement commending Supervisor Shawn Williams for his call for sanctions against Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio at a special Board meeting that had been called for next Tuesday to specifically address the burgeoning Delgaudio Scandal.

Now comes word that Chairman Scott York has cancelled that special Board meeting in favor of a “Chairman’s Town Hall” in which only he would appear. This move appears to be a direct response to Supervisor Williams’ courageous break with his fellow Republican Board members in calling for sanctions against Supervisor Delgaudio.

The LCDC is appalled at this blatant disregard for public input and transparency. This Board has already taken several major steps this year to block their deliberations and actions from public view, and to limit public input on all matters. Chairman York’s lack of ethical behavior is already an issue in the Delgaudio matter, having delayed public disclosure of the allegations against Delgaudio for 6 months — until the Washington Post plastered them across the front page. Furthermore, Chairman York was provided significant evidence supporting the allegations soon after they were first made. He kept those documents to himself for more than six months, failing to even notify the prosecutors who were investigating the allegations.

“The credibility of Chairman York and the credibility of this entire Board diminishes each day they mishandle this investigation,” said LCDC Chair Evan Macbeth.  “York’s plan to hold a ‘Town Hall’ is laughable. His cancellation of the public Board meeting is insulting. And attempting to silence a fellow Board member who was about to break ranks and do the right thing demonstrates a degree of political cowardice and exercise of self-serving power that is unbecoming of any elected official, let alone the Chairman of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.”

“The Board’s rules allow for two members to call for a special meeting without the support of Chairman York. We strongly urge the members of this Board to find the courage that their colleague Supervisor Williams displayed earlier to do so,” Macbeth stated.


UPDATE: Supervisor Williams has taken his statement urging action against Delgaudio off his Facebook page, possibly at York’s behest. However, the statement was distributed before it was deleted. The text of Williams’ statement (as reported to the LCDC) follows:

“I have been very concerned about the allegations regarding Supervisor Delgaudio misusing County staff and resources for political purposes. I first learned of the allegations against Supervisor Delgaudio when I read the story in the Washington Post in late September. Working with my colleagues on the Board of Supervisors, we initiated an investigation to find out whether County policy was violated at the following business meeting on October 3rd. Since then, that investigation has been superseded by a criminal investigation. The Board’s investigation is on hold because our investigation could interfere with the criminal investigation.

The actions the Board can take against an individual member of the Board are limited, but there are some that have been discussed. The Board will be holding a special meeting to address this topic on Tuesday November 20th at 5:30pm. At this meeting, I will push for Supervisor Delgaudio to be removed from his positions on the Finance, Government Services and Operations Committee and the Transportation and Land Use Committee while he is under criminal investigation. I strongly believe it is incumbent on the Board to act with the highest ethical standards and have no tolerance for those who act with any impropriety.”

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