Firehouse Primary: 34th District House of Delegates

An Unassembled Caucus will be held to nominate our candidate for House of Delegates in the 34th District (See Map).  Please review the Call to Caucus for HOD 34.  If you are interested in running for this position, please complete and submit the Declaration of Candidacy  form.

The Caucus is scheduled for Saturday, November 15th at Great Falls Elementary School, 701 Walker Road, Great Falls, Virginia 22066 between 12 and 4pm.  If only one candidate files, then the Caucus will be cancelled. Rules of the Caucus: Rules for Caucus.

Republican BOS Parrots Limbaugh, Promotes Wild Conspiracy Theories

The Republicans on the Board of Supervisors have put on their tinfoil hats to spread fear-inducing conspiracy theories of Hispandemic. Following the lead of conservatives like the despicable Rush Limbaugh and hundreds of other conservative media outlets, several Board members made outlandish comments linking displaced children from Central America to any disease they could think of, including Ebola, which hasn’t been detected anywhere in the western hemisphere outside of the US and Canada.

Below is our press release detailing some of the most offensive and ignorant comments.

141003 LCDC Press Release – BOS Demonizes Displaced Children

Volunteer Appreciation Party – Oct. 3

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