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    1. Randy Moore


      I uploaded VADEMS.png and added it as the Header Image. These images must be no more that 1600px wide by 200 px high, so you must resize before uploading your image to this site.

    2. Randy Moore


      Please take a look at this Web Site and let me know what you think about the Layout and Content. To some extent I tried to follow the layout of the NGP site, combining things when they made sense (See About Us).

    3. Randy Moore


      Opening a second page (like Act Blue) doesn’t work on Galaxy S III. Need to test on other mobile phones.

    4. Randy Moore


      Images from Elected Officials page don’t display on a Galaxy S III. Also, could not access Act Blue from cell due to https secure connections error.

    5. Lissa Savaglio


      I really like the District thing, is there a way it can be done with the standing committees as well?

    6. Randy Moore


      Made a few tweaks per Shelley on August 22nd. Changed the name of Electoral Districts to Magisterial Districts, and fixed email address for the Activities and Presence Committee. We are currently using NGP forms for submitting Contact Requests and Membership Applications until such time that we decide to stay with NGP or move to another membership tool.

      Shelley says that the whole website needs some redesign work, so I’ll be accepting minor requests for tweaks to this current version of the new web site until the LCDC leadership comes to a consensus on the site’s design.

    7. Randy Moore


      Renamed Posting panel to What’s New. Moved General Announcements, Resolutions, News Clips, and Newsletter Archives under the What’s New panel.

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