Resolution Supporting Didlake Employees’ Right To Organize

WHEREAS, Didlake is a local corporation based in Manassas, Virginia the stated mission of which is to “create opportunities that enrich the lives of people with disabilities;” and

WHEREAS, Didlake employees at the Arlington National Guard voted in 2017 to join a union by secret ballot in a National Labor Relations Board election; and

WHEREAS, the workers (disabled and non-disabled, immigrant and US-born, LGBTQ and straight, young and old) joined together to form a union in order to have a voice on the job, and to advocate for better pay, benefits, and working conditions; and

WHEREAS, the company has refused to recognize the union, and is calling on the Trump-appointed National Labor Relations Board to invalidate the election results on the grounds that its employees do not have the right to unionize because they are disabled; and

WHEREAS, the Regional Director of the National Labor Relations Board ruled in favor of the workers and stated that Didlake’s disabled employees have the same rights as non-disabled workers; and

WHEREAS, the Loudoun County Democratic Committee believes strongly in the dignity of all people, disabled and non-disabled, and support the right of all workers to unionize; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, On this, the 6th day of September 2018, The Loudoun County Democratic Committee professes its support of the right of all employees to organize; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Loudoun County Democratic Committee supports the Didlake employees’ right to organize; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Loudoun County Democratic Committee urges CEO of Didlake to grant recognition of the union and open talks with the union as soon as possible to discuss and resolve terms of a fair contract that addresses the issues of basic justice they seek.