Contact: Lissa Savaglio
Chair Loudoun County Democratic Committee

Republicans Switch Ashburn District Supervisor Candidate with Right-Wing Extremist

Leesburg, VA, July 16, 2019 – The Loudoun County Republican Committee has proven how out of touch they are with voters by replacing Rich McMunn with former Supervisor Mick Staton for the Ashburn District Supervisor seat. Staton shares the same right-wing extremist values as his father-in-law Senator Dick Black.

Staton served on the Board of Supervisors from 2003-2007, at a time when reckless growth was approved – fueled by special interest donations and conflicts of interest, to such an extent that the FBI investigated the County.

In coordination with Senator Black, Mick Staton has lobbied against the ERA, against raising the minimum wage and protections for workers, against gun safety, and other core values a majority of Loudoun voters share.

This year when the School Board added a non-discrimination policy for LGBTQ students, Mick Staton, as an author on The Bull Elephant, wrote an article titled “Loudoun Schools Embrace Mental Illness.” (The Bull Elephant, February 28, 2019, This is one of several hate-filled blog posts on The Bull Elephant by Staton.

“Residents in Loudoun do not want someone who symbolizes divisiveness and hatred representing them,” stated Chair Lissa Savaglio, “Mick Staton shares the values of Senator Dick Black, Corey Stewart, and Delegate Dave LaRock. Loudoun deserves more in a representative and we will do better.”

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