LCDC Statement on Impeachment

Lissa Savaglio
Chair Loudoun County Democratic Committee

Leesburg, VA Dec. 8th, 2019 – It is a sad and somber day in our nation’s history whenever the need for impeachment arises. We believe that the removal of a president is not something to be undertaken lightly, but should be done with care and justice. The founders created this process to ensure that no one was above the law and that our great nation would not fall into the hands of foreign interests. America is a country based on rules, principles, and integrity. These values are not Democratic or Republican but American to their core. We have been the leading nation to uphold these values in the past, and now more than ever we need to ensure that we continue to govern by the rule of law.

The world is watching. We must set an example and show that the United States of America doesn’t just talk about democracy, but is committed to democracy. This should not be a partisan issue nor should it be political; however, that is exactly how it seems to be turning out. You cannot argue with facts, and no matter what others may think, “alternative facts” do not exist. The facts that the witnesses have brought forth are deeply troubling and need to be addressed. President Trump’s defiance of the law in asking a foreign government to investigate a political rival has made impeachment necessary. The Loudoun County Democratic Committee urges members of Congress to continue to fulfill their constitutional responsibility and hold him accountable.