Statement on School Board and Equity

The Loudoun County Democratic Committee (LCDC) is committed to ensuring that ALL issues of discrimination are brought forward for an official discussion. We stand in agreement with Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee (MSAAC) and the African-American community that the rules of engagement between elected officials and the communities in which they serve must have checks and balances when the power wielded is culturally biased and promotes institutional injustice, specifically against the communities of color in Loudoun.

The refusal to hear the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) Equity Committee’s concerns at the Loudoun County School Board Meeting on May 26, 2020, is a failure that violates the School Board’s public vows to uphold our Democratic values of Equity, Transparency, Responsibility, and Justice. This is a dereliction of duty, as the LCPS Equity Committees has been specifically created to address the embedded and systemic institutions of racism. The LCDC hereby strongly opposes the silencing of sanctioned committees and will continue to support the Equity Committee in its mandate.

The LCDC, in partnership with the Loudoun Chapter of NAACP, unequivocally stands in support of the safety and civil liberties of the African-American and all minority communities of Loudoun. The LCDC is committed to calling out racist behavior from any of our elected officials. As such, the members of the LCDC have voted to issue this statement.

Additionally, as race relations continue to deteriorate across the country, it’s apparent we must be ever vigilant to fight racism at all levels of our community. The LCDC is committed to reaffirming our support by taking the following steps in our commitment to pursuing equity:

  • Organize Equity, Racial Sensitivity, and Leadership Training for the Executive Committee and general membership.
  • Develop a questionnaire that all candidates seeking the endorsement of the LCDC must complete that will contain a section on equality and that we will make publicly available to all voting members.
  • Work with the Loudoun County School Board to capture demographic information in the Disparities in Discipline Report on actions taken by the LCPS Disciplinary Committee.
  • Monitor and capture the county’s demographics to ensure equal representation within LCDC and elected offices.
  • Set specific and realistic goals for membership, participation, and leadership that reflects the diversity of our community.
  • Conduct at least one (1) workshop or session per year devoted to general diversity and/or coalition building.
  • Work with our Diversity and Inclusion Outreach standing committee to develop the following procedures for outreach:
    • Membership in organizations dedicated to community diversity.
    • Urge diverse membership in the organizations with which we work.
    • Inclusion of organizations dedicated to diverse groups on newsletter mailing lists, speaker lists, and event planning committees or task forces.
    • Request organizations dedicated to diverse groups to include LCDC in their outreach.
    • Organizing regular meetings between LCDC Leadership and the NAACP throughout the year, as well as other organizations, to ensure collaboration and partnership, working together proactively to ensure accountability and the dismantling of historically racist policies and institutions.
    • Public announcements of the joint NAACP-LCDC initiatives and their outcomes.
  • Add a clause to the membership pledge affirming commitment to working for equality and racial justice.

Furthermore, the LCDC is committed to working on a future accountability resolution to be released at a later date. With these actions, we reaffirm our commitment that the LCDC will unequivocally stand in support of the safety and civil liberties of all Loudoun County residents.

Passed by the Loudoun County Democratic Committee on Thursday June 4, 2020.