Concerned Parent Press Release

Contact: Lissa Savaglio [(571) 278-7159],

LEESBURG (8 September 2020) – On September 3rd, a group called the “Concerned Parents of Loudoun County” mailed a postcard to thousands of families denouncing Loudoun County Public Schools. The group accuses Loudoun County Public Schools of indoctrinating our children to hate their families and peers as well as teaching a Marxist agenda. The postcard also states Loudoun County Public Schools, under the direction of the Southern Poverty Law Center, are training our children to “despise America” and “revolt against us.”

What kind of example are we setting for our children if we allow folks to spout baseless conspiracy theories as facts? Disagreements are inevitable, and the Founding Fathers had the foresight to protect freedom of speech and freedom of the press so citizens can openly debate and discuss ideological or political disagreements in order to build consensus. However, misleading and divisive rhetoric goes against everything America stands for. Unfortunately, it is incumbent on those being attacked to defend themselves against these baseless attacks. The LCDC stands in solidarity with Loudoun County Public Schools and the Southern Poverty Law Center in their respective endeavours.

The LCDC is appalled and disturbed by this postcard mailer. We hope the group who believes it is acceptable to further divide, intimidate, and lie to the citizens of Loudoun County apologizes for this divisive and fallacious mailer.