LWV Leesburg Town Council Forum Press Release

Contact: Lissa Savaglio [(571) 278-7159], chair@loudoundemocrats.org

LEESBURG – The LCDC is beyond proud of our endorsed candidates for Leesburg Mayor and
Town Council after their forum with the League of Women Voters. Answering questions on a
range of issues including West Park, economic revitalization, and ending the gridlock within
Town Council, our candidates provided a clear pathway to improving the lives of all Leesburg

The LCDC endorsed these candidates due to their commitment, passion, and determination to
make the opportunities available in Leesburg to all residents. After the forum, our belief in our
candidates has only grown stronger and we cannot wait to vote for Mayor Kelly Burk, Ara
Bagdasarian, Zach Cummings, and Bill Replogle during the November general election season.