Support the Loudoun County Transit Employees

Contact: Lissa Savaglio, (571) 278-7159, chair@loudoundemocrats.org

LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA – The Loudoun County Democratic Committee (LCDC) calls on Loudoun County residents to stand up in support of the Loudoun County Transit Employees in their struggle against the unethical and illegal behavior of the transit company Keolis. 

Loudoun County awarded a 5-year contract to Keolis to operate transit services within the county effective April 1, 2021. Keolis has refused to recognize the workers’ union or adopt their contract, and has imposed a number of shameful cuts on workers including reduced vacation time and holidays as well as a costlier healthcare plan. Well over a dozen allegations of violations of federal labor law have been filed against Keolis with the National Labor Relations Board. LCDC represents thousands of Loudoun residents who believe that the government, at every level, should work for everyone. In the case of Loudoun County, this means holding its contractors accountable to their contractual obligations and the National Labor Relations Act. The Loudoun County Government must ensure Keolis recognizes its contract with the Amalgamated Transit Union as a condition of serving the citizens of Loudoun County. 

Beyond the legal and ethical implications, Loudoun County has an economic interest in ensuring that the workforce that serves its residents are well trained and receive family-supporting benefits. Loudoun County benefits more  from a workforce that can live and spend money within the county than it does by supporting French-based Keolis. 

LCDC asks that you help the workers serving Loudoun and require Keolis to uphold the law, preserve workers’ benefits, fully honor the existing contract until its expiration in December, and negotiate with the union in good faith for a contract renewal. Please support Loudoun County Transit Employees by writing letters to the editor in local publications, and spreading the word of these egregious anti-union and anti-worker actions.