Statement from the Loudoun County Democratic Committee

ASHBURN, VA – One month ago, the Loudoun County Democratic Committee (LCDC) stood against heated rhetoric being employed by critics of the Loudoun County School Board. LCDC warned that inflammatory remarks, disinformation, and threats of violence would divide our community and lead to violence. Tuesday’s unfortunate events at the school board meeting show the consequences of ignoring that warning. 

In just 48 hours, a nationally concerted effort to twist the events of last night has emerged. Let us be crystal clear. Following peaceful demonstrations by a diverse gathering of groups prior to the school board meeting, opponents of the school board became raucous and shut down the public comment session, depriving hundreds of Loudoun County residents of the opportunity to have their voices heard. The situation quickly deteriorated as individuals resisted the efforts of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office to remedy the situation and became violent. 

Laws were broken, arrests were made, and hate once again filled the Board Room of Loudoun County Public Schools. Republicans are engaged in the newest round of their ongoing culture wars aimed at stoking hatred, divisiveness, and fear to drive their voters to the polls and keep those afraid of violence from speaking out.

The Loudoun County Democratic Committee stands in solidarity with our LGBTQ+ community and communities of color and remains fully committed to supporting the effort to ensure that our schools are safe and equitable places for all students.