LCDC Resolution on Release of ICE Detainees

Whereas,  The Loudoun County Democratic Committee (LCDC) welcomes immigrants as future American citizens and believes all people, regardless of their immigration status, should be treated with dignity and respect. We also believe it is both immoral and unconstitutional for our government to act with deliberate indifference to serious risks to the health of individuals in … Read more

Resolution asking the Virginia Governor to affirm​ ​that transgender troops may serve openly in our National Guard, Air National Guard, and Virginia Defense Force

WHEREAS, On July 26, 2017, President Trump announced via Twitter that the United States government would reverse the existing policy of allowing transgender service members to serve openly in order to implement a ban on transgender people from serving in the United States Armed Forces; WHEREAS, The Virginia Governor is the Commander-in-Chief of the Virginia … Read more

Resolution in Favor of Holding a Climate Debate

WHEREAS the climate crisis is real, is supported by scientific evidence, and is a threat to our planet and to our existence; and WHEREAS our elected officials and other leaders have ignored the warnings of scientists for decades regarding the climate crisis; and WHEREAS many communities are already suffering the effects of the climate crisis, … Read more

Resolution in support of The Renewables First Act by Zero Carbon Virginia

WHEREAS, The Loudoun County Democratic Committee is a body that respects science, believes the predominant view of the scientific community that climate change is anthropogenic, and is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; WHEREAS, The Renewables First Act (RFA) will place a moratorium on constructing new fossil fuel electric generation capacity until renewable energy generation … Read more

LCDC Resolution To Virginia’s Congressional Delegation: A National Bank for Infrastructure and Industry

WHEREAS, the United States faces an acknowledged infrastructure crisis, estimated to be $4 trillion less than necessary to bring our roads, bridges, and other public structures to meet current standards.,1 and, WHEREAS, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the State of Virginia a grade of C- in its 2017 Infrastructure Report Card; WHEREAS, Virginia … Read more

The Democratic Party Of Virginia Celebrates the Life of Thelma Virginia Dodson

Whereas, The Democratic Party of Virginia celebrates the talents, wisdom, and dedication of Thelma Virginia Dodson and recognizes the loss to all with her passing on June 29, 2018. Thelma was a lifelong Democratic voter and, in her later years, a dedicated campaign activist. Thelma, who was born to Robert Wiley and Alberta Pinkett Simms … Read more

Resolution Supporting Didlake Employees’ Right To Organize

WHEREAS, Didlake is a local corporation based in Manassas, Virginia the stated mission of which is to “create opportunities that enrich the lives of people with disabilities;” and WHEREAS, Didlake employees at the Arlington National Guard voted in 2017 to join a union by secret ballot in a National Labor Relations Board election; and WHEREAS, … Read more

Resolution Against the Cruel Immigration Policies of the Trump Administration

WHEREAS, The Loudoun County Democratic Committee is a body that fosters a culture of inclusion which celebrates, mobilizes, and builds equality, diversity, justice and the rule of law; WHEREAS, The Loudoun County Democratic Committee welcomes immigrants as future American citizens, recognizes immigration as a necessary lifeblood in reasonable, constructive, healthy societies, and acknowledges the many … Read more