Loudoun Volunteers

Why volunteer?

Volunteers are the backbone of our democracy. Virginia has elections every year, and each year the Loudoun Democrats organize precincts, help make sure voters know who is on the ballot, where to vote, and how to vote absentee.

What roles are there for someone like me?

  • Promote Democratic candidates and events through social media.
  • Support candidates financially, if you’re able.
  • Recruit other people to get involved with the Loudoun Dems.
  • Contact your local, state and federal elected officials about issues that matter to you.
  • Attend “meet and greets” and other candidate events.
  • Host a “meet and greet” at your home to introduce a candidate to your neighbors.
  • Volunteer to hand out candidate literature at Back to School Night events.
  • Make phone calls in support of a candidate.
  • Write postcards to remind people to vote and let them know about our Democratic candidates.
  • Help staff a Loudoun Dems booth at a community event.
  • Grab a friend and work together to canvass a neighborhood – we focus on known Democrats and new voters.
  • Canvass for “Get Out the Vote” efforts just before an election.
  • Work at a polling place on election day for primaries and general elections, handing out sample ballots and talking with voters.
  • Serve as a precinct captain to organize the volunteers on election day (don’t worry, we’ll help you!)

And much more!

Time to Sign Up to Volunteer!