Finance and Fundraising Committee

Chair: TBD


a. Chair may appoint the Vice Chair of Finance to be the Finance & Fundraising Committee Chair.
b. Assist the Treasurer to ensure that an internal audit of the operations of the County Committee is conducted at least once each year or as directed by the County Committee Chair.
c. Assist the Vice Chair of Finance in creating the budget.
d. Design a 2, 5- and 10-year financial strategy for the committee.
e. Review member-initiated spending to ensure it complies with the active financial strategy of the organization.
f. Ensure that the County Committee has sufficient revenue to meet its obligations and to fully fund the adopted budget.
g. Plan, organize, and conduct programs, meetings, and events for the explicit purpose of raising money for the committee.
h. Establish fundraising benchmarks and continually inform the County Committee membership on the progress of all fundraising efforts.
i. Maintain a current donor list.
j. Keep the Membership committee informed of which members have paid dues.
k. Maintain recurring donor lists, decide benefits for recurring donors, and recruit new recurring donors.
l. The Chair of the Finance & Fundraising Committee must appoint a committee member to serve on the Activities Committee.
m. The Treasurer and the Vice Chair of Finance shall be members of this committee.