Governance Committee

Chair: Ellen Heald


The Chair of the Governance Committee shall not have a vote on the Executive Committee nor count towards quorum for Executive Committee meetings.
a. Provide a point of contact for members to ask about rules and compliance issues, and to report perceived rules violations.
b. Investigate reports of rules violations and, if supported by evidence, recommend solutions to the Executive Committee.
c. Ensure that the County Committee is acting in compliance with all rules of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), DPVA, the County Committee Bylaws, policies, and procedures, campaign finance laws, and all other laws and regulations at the local, state, and federal levels that apply to the County Committee.
d. Periodically review the governing documents of the organization and whether they are consistent with applicable laws and actual or desired organizational practices; amend such governing documents, as necessary.
e. Assist other leadership with continually identifying and recruiting candidates for leadership positions.
f. Assist the County Committee Chair in developing and conducting officer orientation and onboarding training and any other leadership training that is needed.
g. Upon request of the County Committee Chair, Standing Committee Chair, District Chair or Executive Committee, review the performance of the various committees, including the effectiveness of meetings and any perceived or actual conflicts among leadership and/or members, and make recommendations, as appropriate.
h. Assist in ensuring timely and compliant elections of officers.