Precinct Operations

Chair: Jackie von Wodtke

Vice Chair:

Email: PrecinctOps@LoudounDemocrats.org


Precinct Captain Manual & Guidelines (PDF)

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a. Work with the Precinct Operations District Coordinators to recruit and appoint Precinct Captains for every precinct and to build and train a permanent network of committed Democratic volunteers sufficient to staff every precinct in Loudoun County with volunteers throughout each election day.
b. To plan and implement training programs sufficient to provide County Committee members with such training as is required to promote the election of Democrats to county, state, and federal office.
c. Responsible for design, production, and distribution to the District Coordinators, of Democratic sample ballots and other outreach materials for elections, including Back-to-School-Night (BTSN) events and absentee voting, both by mail and in-person.
d. Work with the District Coordinators to organize coverage of polls on Election Days, in-person absentee voting locations, and schools for BTSN events.
e. Ensure that chase mailers are sent to voters identified in our voter database as democrats or independents who have applied by mail for absentee ballots.