Chair: Randy Ihara


Duties: The Labor Committee shall:

  1. Encourage the participation of Organized Labor in the activities of the County Committee and in campaigns to promote Democratic candidates,
  2. Seek to identify issues of concern to Organized Labor, to study and understand such issues, and to develop reports or recommendations on such issues for submission to the County Committee in accordance with the Bylaws,
  3. Assist the Precinct Operations Committee and the Voter Registration Committee in identification of potential Democratic supporters and in GOTV efforts,
  4. Coordinate with the campaigns of Democratic candidates to assure greater participation by Organized Labor,
  5. Recommend activities and special publications for encouraging participation of Organized Labor in County Committee activities and in campaigns and supervise their implementation; and
  6. Support Democratic candidates who support the causes and issues of concern to Organized Labor as well as all working men and women.