Thank You Loudoun Democrats

Loudoun County Virginia, November 5th, 2019 – The people of Virginia awoke this morning to a new reality. A reality where women will be treated as equals. A reality where criminals will no longer be able to purchase weapons of war to terrorize our schools, movie theaters, churches, and synagogues. A reality of inclusivity for all people regardless of the color of their skin, their sexual / gender orientation or their religious affiliation. A reality where our schools prioritize the needs of children over decreasing the tax rate by a couple of pennies. The people have spoken loudly and clearly and have insisted that Virginia join the majority of America in the 21st century by MANDATING policies that just make sense. This morning Virginians awoke to find themselves living in a Blue State.
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10th Congressional District Democratic Committee Vacancies

Two members (one man & one woman) of the 10th CD Committee have had to step down for personal reasons, leaving two vacancies on the committee. The 10th CD Committee will be voting on the replacements at their next meeting. If you’re interested in applying, a link to the Google Form application follows. Strong applicants probably have a few years’ experience as a volunteer or volunteer leader in the Democratic Party, a Dem campaign, or allied organization (Indivisible, MDA, unions, climate groups, etc).

Applicants can be any gender, but the committee can’t add two people of the same gender. Because the members who stepped down were both from Loudoun and a lot of committee members value keeping geographic balance on the committee, it’s likely that applicants from Loudoun would see some preference, but the seats are CD-wide, so anyone can apply. Applications will be accepted through 11/8 at 7 PM. Applicants should plan on speaking on their own behalf at the 11/16 meeting, and if elected will be immediately seated. Meeting details can be found at

Application for 10th CD Committee Vacancy:…/1yEJnVWEYQuNEe70DIQlZOTX…/viewform

The Diverse Classroom Library Initiative

By Charlotte McConnell, LCDC Member – November 9th, 2019 – At the start of this school year, LCPS unveiled their Diverse Classroom Library initiative. These books are not mandatory or apart of core curriculum. They can be used in lessons if there is a direct tie to the subject matter. These books were selected by LCPS staff using the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project’s Diversity Book List and Mackin’s Identity Inclusive Texts Rubric. This was done to ensure every student in LCPS has access to books that reflect their lived experiences.

LCDC Statement on Trump’s Racism

LCDC, August 10th,2019 – With a president who prides himself on being controversial, we realize we can’t respond to every tweet. Besides being a waste of time, it would be impossible. But we also realize there are times when it’s important to stand up and speak out. This is one of those times.
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Article: Democratic Party of Virginia Unanimously Passes Resolutions in Support of 100% Clean Energy, Green New Deal, $15/Hour Minimum Wage

BlueVirginia, September 21st, 2019 – Great stuff; just three days after Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) Chair Susan Swecker announced that the party would no longer be taking campaign contributions from Dominion Energy or Appalachian Power, DPVA today unanimously passed resolutions endorsing the “Green New Deal Virginia” and a “net-zero carbon emissions” clean energy economy for Virginia by 2050. In addition, the DPVA unanimously passed a resolution in support of a $15/hour minimum wage for Virginians. Read the Article >>

Press Release: Stray Bullet Incident

Hamilton, VA, September 8th, 2019 – Due to insufficient county ordinances, unfortunately, Loudoun County is yet again dealing with another stray bullet incident as a result of reckless shooting of guns in our neighborhoods.
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Loudoun County Democrats Video

Thanks to the great work from our communications team at LCDC, we have compiled a great video that profiles the importance of this year’s election and highlights each of our candidates for local office.
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